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The computer stood next to our crib. We are the generation that was working and playing on the computer while in kindergarten. We grew up with the internet and spend our teenage years surfing and discovering the web. We are the first batch of the always online generation!

We know everything about the internet. We live, breath and eat the internet and social media. HTML, PHP coding, social networks like: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube are our natural habitats. We are 24/7 connected, not only in the Netherlands, but around the entire globe! That’s why we can make your business successful on the world wide web. How? We don’t make endlessly long complicated reports. Together with you we make an easy to understand business plan which allows your business to smoothly transition into the internet world. But that’s not enough! Today’s technological and social media developments occur so rapidly that what is hot one day might be obsolete the next. That’s why Business Web Solutions is not only here for you today but also tomorrow!


Recent Projects


Innovating the Web

Business Web Solutions developed a new kind of publication: the so called website book. The website book is a digital (online) publication that can be read on computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and certain types of e-readers. By using website technologies the reader can get additional information about subjects through audio and video. The book stays up to date because of updates and readers can even provide new interesting input that might be incorporated within these future updates. Everything in the book can also easily be shared on your favorite social network though the integrated social media buttons.

The website book will play a leading role in the future of educational programs. It not only makes the educational content more up to date than a classic book but also more interactive and attractive suiting the online world of today. But also outside of the educational system the combination of video, sound and interactivity provide interesting opportunities.

The first website book developed deals with the most important aspects of the internet. A pilot of the book can be found online at
The second website book, called De Wereld van 3D-Printen, can be found at

Visit more books at the Smartbook platform here.

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